Thursday, May 17, 2012

I have a soft spot for miniatures!

Hello lovelies! I'm so very excited about today's post. 
Yesterday I made (brace yourselves) *drum roll*
Taadaaa! :D
Miniature toadstool terrarium in a 20 mm glass vial! Featuring two itty bitty polymer clay toadstools and an orange butterfly on top. :)
I also made another one in a thinner vial with just three mushrooms. Think I should add a butterfly in there, too? Or is it cute that way?

This whole mini terrarium idea popped into my mind when I was browsing Etsy and found this. It was one of those "I could totally make that" moments!
And it's 24,00 EUR, that's like 32 dollars or something! I made them with zero cost! unless you count the mini vials I got from a garage sale for 50 cents both.
They have cork tops with eye pins to make them into necklaces. They're definitely an eye catcher!

 Here's the teeny tiny paper butterfly I made for one of the necklaces.

My best friends in making this tiny world in a bottle were tweezers, a pin, super glue and lots and lots of patience!

Speaking of polymer clay, this time I used another homemade polymer clay recipe instead of this one I blogged about a couple of months ago.
This recipe uses bread or toast. Personally, I think I like the texture and consistency of the bread dough recipe better. You should take a look here

And I'm going to share with you some of the things I made using this recipe.

 Mini rose charm. :)

 Mini rainbow necklace/charm.

In other news, my English teacher "stole" my art journal and won't give it back till he (quoting) "gets enough of it".  LOL
I told him that I'm going to have to take it back soon, but he still refuses to let go of it especially the She art girl page!
I'll have to figure something out soon. :D I'll see if I can manage to sneak out with it next Friday!

Until I get my journal back, have a lovely weekend.                                 


  1. How Nice! Polymer is always fun :)

  2. Hi Roudy:

    You have many creative ideas, congratulations.

    Costa Rica

    1. Thank you Alexandra! I've visited your blog and I would actually love to follow you, but sadly I don't understand the language you blog in! lol

      Kisses from Egypt. ♥

  3. Hi Roudi,

    Love those mini mushrooms! You are so creative - every time I come visit I'm amazed by what you do. How is your photography coming?

    Thanks for stopping by today. Those bracelets are so easy! I'm going to try tying one into a celtic heart. We'll see how that turns out.


    1. Oh hi Kay! Thank you for popping over. :) My photography is coming pretty well. I'm very busy with finals though, so not pressing the shutter as often as I'd like.

      I love love your bracelets! I'm going to have to make me some. ♥

      Much love,


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