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Hello there!
My name is Rodaina, but everyone calls me Roudi (pronounced Roo-dy)
I'm 17 year-old girl with a passion for everything crafty. I enjoy paper crafts, jewelry making and playing with Fimo.

Yes, I'm Egyptian. No, I don't ride a camel to school. Yes, I'm Muslim. No, I'm not a terrorist. (terrorists aren't very crafty, y'know?) lol

I share my lifestyle and creative makes in this little blog. I also have a FB page where I sell my handmade cards and Fimo creations. If you like something on here and it's not posted on Facebook, just drop me a little note.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my place and leaving me a little comment. It means the world to me. :)



  1. Your really inspiring, i work with scouts and usually do crafts and genuine girly stuff with the girls because they feel outnumbered by the boys. Your blog is really good i gives me stuff to do with them when im lost for ideas and dont really have much time to plan AND they love it! I hope you get really far in life your very talented ♥

  2. merci de voir une jeune personne de 16 ans faire autant de belle choses, félicitations...je suis en France et je ne connais pas bien l'anglais!
    Marie une autre blogueuse de craft

  3. Kisses from Spain!! <3

  4. love your site, love your ideas, love your crafts and most of all - love the smile in your eyes.
    Salam from Israel!

  5. Hello. I would be super happy if you take time to check my blog,
    thank you so much,
    XOXO Nika


  6. Salamu alaikum!
    I really love all your crafts!
    I wish I can do the same here!
    But I guess I can start with what I have.. ^_^
    Btw, I have tagged you as a Versatile blogger.. (^▽^)
    And I have posted about it.. Please come and check!!


  7. from the first time i saw u...i knew that you are super creative :D keep it upP { Doma }


Thank you for taking the time to leave me a little comment.