Wednesday, October 10, 2012

WOYWW #175: It's Fall!

Hello there WOYWW dudes and dudettes! I missed you guys so much! Have you noticed I only blog on Wednesdays now? Life is hectic with school and practice (I play basketball). We start our matches next Saturday and we'd be traveling every single week. Yikes!
Haven't had a chance to link up last week but I'm all set for a long journey of blog hopping this week. :)

I have to tell you the weather in Egypt has just started to get into the autumn-y mood! It's still hot during the day but you can get some amazingly refreshing breeze in the afternoon.
As usual, I'm so late when it comes to making cards for season greetings. But better late than never!
Here's how my desk looked like after I've finished making a couple of cards:

Glitter, googly eyes, ribbon, paper doilies, warm colored scrapbooking paper, some watercolor pencils and my finished "products".

Do you like my "Wicked Witch of The West" bookmark? I made it out of polymer clay. I think it'd be perfect for Halloween don't you think? :)

Oh, and since so many of you guys expressed surprise (?) that I'm an Egyptian and that there are people who are actually living "out there" lol
and some of you said they wanted to see my house/neighborhood, so there goes!

This is my Photo Corner. I go to the print lab every now and then to print a collection of the best photographs I've taken in the last couple of weeks. And that is my PC where I meet you guys every Wednesday! :):)

These are my little bookshelves. One for books in English and another for Arabic ones.

I guess that's not how you wanted to "Explore Egypt" but I promise I'll take some more photographs (of our neighborhood this time) and show you guys next week. But if you like, you can take a look at this post where I kept a pretty good record of my trip to Luxor (a city you visit to see the ancient Egyptian monuments, tombs and temples)

In other news, I've been making more fall and Halloween cards and occasionally, birthday cards:

I also had a little trip to the post office today to send some happy mail for my friends around the globe. :)

That's all folks!
Now hop on over to Julia's Stamping Ground and have a look at all the creative workdesks out there!

Until next week, craft along!


  1. The bookmark is so adorable!!!! And your photographs are beautiful... you should be a professional...
    Riya 102

  2. aww these are really cute <3

    it is really good to see other great Egyptians bloggers around :)

    do you wanna follow each other ?

    let me know by commenting on my blog :)


  3. I love the wicked witch bookmark. I also like your colored images. So cute. Thanks for sharing your home too.
    Wednesday Blessings,
    LisaDV #110

  4. I think your book mark is a HIT! LOVE your photo wall.
    Krisha #30

  5. I noticed your bookmark before I noticed anything else! .it's so fun, just great idea. and Roudi, your photos are gorgeous. My surprise is not that you're in Egypt, or indeed Egyptian, but that you're so totally bilingual. marvellous.

  6. Messy desks are the best desks!

    Well, the most-fun-to-look-at desks, anyway!

  7. Fantastic post so full of fun and interest! I love your Wicked Witch bookmark - really made me laugh out loud, a perfect Halloween piece. Beautiful addressing on the happy mail envelopes too! Happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

  8. Happy WOYWW Roudi.

    Love your creations colourful.

    Thanks for sharing your fab crafty space.

    Your newest follower Annie x

  9. Hello there great bookmark and thanks for sharing your photos. happy WOYWW. Anne x #91

  10. Hi Roudi,

    I've been MIA for a while.... got your email and will respond today. I disabled my Facebook page - that's why you couldn't find me there. I just got home yesterday from a quick trip to Colorado to visit a friend.

    Your cards are so cute. Love the wall of your photographs. You are so talented!!!

    Kay #126

  11. ooohhhhh I'm getting some mail!! Love the envelope, you did a fabulous job decorating it too! And your cards are wonderful, love the wicked witch bookmark, just perfect!! I too am looking forward to seeing more pictures of where you live! How fun, and you are an excellent photographer! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  12. So Glad to see you are back Roudi!! Your posts are such a delight!! Your photographa, cards and art are just wonderful!! Good Luck with your basketball team!! Roudi as part of the expression of my faith, I don't wear pants, I havn't for decades! You should see me play sports in my skirts and at the gym, people have finally stopedd asking about it, especially when they see I am pretty good at what I am doing! YOU GO GIRL!!!
    Hugs from Ginny in the North East USA!!! #29

  13. You make the envelopes looks so nice! I love the things I see on your desk gets my gears grinding! I also like the way you hang your inspirations and what not. Sorry so late but better than never!Tamika #14

  14. hi roudi iam norhan (blogger from Egypt)i love your blog i hope to visit my blog and tell me what do you think?



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