Thursday, September 27, 2012

WOYWW: I'm late, but I have a good excuse!

This is what kept me away from blogging:

Nope, not the washi tape! lol 
I have a bad hand injure. Yikes! One tough player hit me quite hard last week at the basketball game. I fell and cut my hand. There was a gush of blood and a whole lot of pain, but things are getting better now. :)

So for this week, my desk is unusually tidy. At least there's a good side to that! Hehee

 I bought myself a nice box of Faber Castell Watercolor Pencils about a month ago. I finally sat down to try them yesterday. Yay! 
I have to say this stuff is so much better than regular colored pencils. With a single stroke of the brush all those nasty lines are gone and you're left with a dreamy wash or gradient of colors. Just lovely.

They're so smooth and easy to work with,which is great because I'm just starting out on the "grown-up" coloring techniques thingie! lol

And back to my miniature loving self, I made this little paperweight. 
This time, I've tried working with papier mache clay. It's nice, but not really helpful when it comes to making fiddly little details. So polymer clay is still my favorite when it comes to making itty bitty pieces.
The toadstool was once a flashlight's battery that I've covered with a layer of clay and painted all the details by hand.
The whole scene is built over a jar lead so everything's holding nicely together.
I'll sure be making more pumpkins, they'd make a perfect pair of dangling earrings for a little Halloween gift, don't you think? :)

Well that's it for today peeps! I'll see you all next week.
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A presto! (now you know how to say "see you soon" in Italian!)


  1. Sorry to hear about your hands, but glad it's doing better :) I love my watercolor pencils too! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  2. Love the cute little pumpkins, Sorry to hear about your hand , Hope it's gets better soon .happy crafting jill #28

  3. Love the clay work, I have made people with clay and I love it, just don't do it enough and I have one girl that has been sitting in my art room for years waiting to be finished. I love your little pumpkins, really cute. Just a hint is you want it that is, just using silverfoil, the stuff you use in the kitchen underneath things to shape them, this is what most clay people use. It can be shaped and moulded easily, but dont do it tight make it loose scrunch. Unfortunatly the battery will start to leak after a few years and corrode. Dont want to put a dampner on your beautiful work. If there is a way to remove the battery I would do it. Sorry if I have offended you, just trying to help and with such beautiful work, it is a shame to have it spoilt in a few years.

    Sorry I am running late this week, happy belated WOYWW



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