Friday, April 27, 2012

Easter Workshop 2012

As promised earlier this month, I've finally sat down to write about our crafty workshop for this Easter.
Let me tell you about this whole "workshop" thing first by borrowing my introduction from this post:

"With me being the oldest grand-kid, gather my 11 little cousins every occasion and have a little "workshop" with them doing all sorts of different activities. I'm 16 years old and I've been doing this for 3 years now. My cousins just LOVE the crafts I do with them every workshop which is great because it gives me the opportunity to teach them about the world around us and make them eager for the next occasion for another craft adventure!"
Are you ready ? Let the fun begin!
We started off with a Spring Scavenger Hunt!
I gave each kid a zip-lock plastic baggie with their name on it and a little paper inside that has pictures of things they have to find and put in their bag.
For example:
Whoever collects everything first, wins!
 Hey Roudi, what does it say I have to find here? "Yes honey, it spells L.E.A.F!"

 "Ooh, look I has a teeny tiny shell! "
 And here's a baggie full of little "treasures". :)

We were lucky enough to watch some snails, too! Though it definitely wasn't on the hunt's list!

The kiddies after the hunt was over. Look how happy they are! :D
I love how Jeans, T-shirts and sneakers are the "uniform" lol

And our grand scavenger hunt winner.. *drumroll please*
Try to ignore that the prize says "birthday girl"!

After the scavenger hunt was over, I fastened a duct-tape bracelet on each kid's hand sticky side up so they could decorate their "bracelets" with all sorts of treasures they encounter while wandering in the garden in addition to those they'd collected during the hunt. :)

Next was coloring time!
My bestie and I drew some egg shapes and Easter bunnies and gave the kids colored pencils to color to their hearts' content.

 I had to color something, too! x]

 Adorable little Malak with her finished picture along with the egg basket. 

 The girls found their own way of having fun besides playing games. ♥

Here comes the long-awaited egg hunt!
Dina & I hid the eggs all over the garden for the kiddos to find them. Some were found pretty quickly, other required careful looking because we're camouflage masters! lol XD

 Can you spot the polka dot egg? 

 At this point, I decided to pass the camera over to Dina and have the chance to be "seen" in some of the photos. If you're the family's photographer like myself, you'll sure start to notice you're seldom in any of the pictures. So it was time for me to have some "I was there" photos.

 Le golden egg! It gives 10 bonus points to the one who finds it! It's the one I made in this tutorial.

Before I let the egg hunt begin, we were running out of energy so we had a little snack to charge back! 

Let the hunt begin! 
(Sorry, blurry photos ahead) 

I got a dinosaur egg! How do you spell dinosaur?

Dad (in the red tee) helped the younger kids and showed them some of the places we hid the eggs!

Now we didn't really "chase" each other with the eggs to smash them one another's head because I was working with 9 kids of all heights. We decided that taller kids should sit and the shorties would gently smash the eggs on their head!
It was fun!
 Bouchou insisted to smash his egg on MY head! so he did! ^^ And I smashed mine on his. :D


And last but not least, I tried my homemade face paint recipe and drew Easter-y doodles on the kiddos hands (We wouldn't want any angry mums because their child's face is painted blue,no?)
I'll make a separate post about the paints later this week.

This year's workshop was quite a hit! New wee members have joined our junior craft team and we all had a blast coloring, hunting for Easter eggs and making some super fun nature bracelets. :)
One of the mums called me the other day and told me that her two sons didn't stop talking about how much fun they've had this day. ♥

Have a lovely weekend.



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