Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tutorial: Teabag Bookmarks out of Wipes

To celebrate Earth Day I made these fun bookmarks. It's such a shame that I didn't come up with that idea, actually my bestie in the U.S. did and sent me pictures of her bookmarks. They were just too cute not to replicate! Thank you Sara. ♥

White glue/Elmer's glue
Tea tags or cardstock to make your own

1- Cut in half.

2- Fold in half

• Cut little rectangles according to the size you want. Mine made 3 little teabags.

3- Snip one side.

4- And the other. (see how they don't match perfectly? it's okay because we'll fold the top to make it look neat later.)

5- Tie a few rounds of dark colored thread around your fingers. We are now making "tea" to put into the little bag. ;)

6- Chop, chop! Cut it into little pieces.

7- Unfold your teabag and add the little bits of thread to the center.

8- Apply glue to the sides. Oops, I made a complete mess because the glue was stuck and I had to use my finger! lol

9- Cut a piece of thread/yard that is long enough to stick out of a book and "sandwich" itbetween the two layers of wipes. Next glue the other end to a real tea tag or just cut a scalloped edges square of cardstock to make your own.


Any Virgos here? lol.
The book is Girl, 15, charming, but insane by Sue Limb.

Have you recycled anything today? I would love to hear your thoughts about my little project.

Have a great day,                            

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  1. Ahemm, you should've mentioned the challenge..

  2. Hi Roudi,

    Cute! I re-purpose found objects into my art. I use coffee cup sleeves to make my birds for my canvases. I also use paper towel and toliet paper centers to make circles on my canvases. Yes, we should all look at ways to re-use and re-purpose!

    Happy Earth Day.

  3. Happy Earth Day!
    I gonna try it. Thanks!

    From the Caribbean blue island

    1. Happy Earth Day Cocco! Thank you for popping by. ♥

  4. Such a great idea Roudi! BTW your a have a great blog and I really love your fabulous photography.

    1. Thank you very much Cassidy! :) Kisses.xx

  5. I love this! I plan on whipping up some soon.

    1. Great! Would love to see what you come up with. :)

  6. Awesome! I'm gonna try! thanks for sharing :DD


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