Saturday, March 3, 2012

DIY Balloon Attack Birthday Card

Happy birthday Dad!
Yesterday was my lovely father's forty seventh birthday. I made him this Martha Stewart inspired card. It's just too cute not to replicate!

Here's Martha's:

Here's mine:

It looks well sophisticated, but actually it was easy and quite fun to make.
  • I cut different sizes of balloons from various sheets of colorful cardstock and attached a piece of string to each one using Elmer's white glue.
  • Then arranged all of them onto the card and glued them one by one, smallest in the front, largest at the back.
  • After this, I cut little triangles to make the banner and sandwiched the string between each two triangles so it's glued securely in place.
  • Next was gluing the banner on the sides and tying all the strings of the balloons together.

Dad loved it so much and I got a massive hug! :D

Take care,                                    

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