Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Last minute birthday card, and something else!

Today was my chemistry teacher's birthday. I thought I'd make him a little something because, really, he's like one of the best teachers I've ever met so far. :)
I whipped up this card in 10 minutes because I had so much to do all week and it just didn't occur to me that 6th of December was that close! 

I've never made boy/men cards before, so I spent a good  minute thinking about how that card should look like.
It's like, all I have is pink cardstock, heart stickers, more pink patterned paper, flowers.. I could go on forever with all the girly card making stuff!
But then I remembered this colorful candle set I've had lying around, and it hit me! I can use one of the candles, it could be the letter "i" in the word "wish" :D
And here's what I ended up with:

Too plain? I think that's what makes it pretty. :)
He loved it, and that's what really matters.. the smile on their faces when you give them something totally unique.

Okay, back to girly stuff! I'm finally done with the gift for one awesome reader. :)
It has many little surprises inside. This is getting shipped tomorrow morning hopefully. I hope she likes it.

Don't you just love the Snoopy decorative tape? :D

See you soon,                               

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  1. AWW THAT'S SOOOOO CUTE ,OMG ANA BAMOOT now ah ah ah el7a2oony ....

    and shipped ezay ??? mesh enty 7adeha l maro


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