Thursday, December 8, 2011

Blog makeover. :)

Have you noticed the changes throughout the good ol' blog?
• New header to match the season.
• New tabs to match that.
• A slideshow of some of my best photographs on the right. (check it out if you haven't yet)
• Some tutorials didn't have links on the Tutorials page, so I added those too.

What do you think of the makeover? Do you like this one better? I know I do. :)

 Oh, and say happy birthday to my camera! Well, its first birthday was 2 months ago actually, but I just forgot to blog about it! lol (bad Roudi)
Here's a pic from the party. :D

The compact camera on the right is the birthday girl! But my new camera wanted to celebrate too!

I'm that kind of person who can die with a heart attack if I dropped my camera, and die from laughing when a friend falls over! XD
When I was on a ladder couple of months ago to shoot from above, I was like: "Guys if I fell over catch the CAMERA, I'll be fine don't worry about me. "
Are you that person too? :D

Before I say goodbye, here's one last picture that I took today whilst shooting the new header:

It was too nice to leave behind! ^^

See you around,                                 


  1. Oh my, yes, if I was high up and I fell I'd want people to save my camera!!

  2. Loved everything in your blog keep it up ;)


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