Friday, December 2, 2011


December already? *gasp*
On your scissors, get set, CRAFT! :D
Isn't that how we're all like? So little time so much to make, no? Well I've decided to start soon, now!
I'm a Muslim, so I don't celebrate Christmas, but boy how I love making little gifts for my Christian friends and eventually making myself  some garland or snowflakes to celebrate winter. ;)

The first thing I've made is these little bookmarks out of vintage earrings and ribbon. I'm totally a bookworm, and I know some friends who would love to get some of these as stocking stuffer.

Next, I moved onto little ship ornaments, these were so fun to make. I've seen the original version made with walnut shells, but I used what I had on hand! :)
 To carry love notes to our dear ones on Christmas. :)

Off they go.

Then I made some felt reindeer ornaments. What's Christmas without Rudolph? :D

I wrote R & S on the back, R is for Roudi and S is for the person I'm sending it to. :) Oh, and that's "2012"
I know my embroidery could really get some help! x]

Let's see, what did I make next? Oh, these chunky heart ornaments from a vintage book. :) Remember the 3D apple tutorial? That left me loads of book paper scraps, and here's one thing I've done with them. :]
Don't you just love the bokeh in the back? (talking photography here! :P )

There's also this little mister here. A polymer clay snowman. :) I'll pretty much keep it for myself because, honestly, he's so cute to be anywhere but standing proudly on my desk! ^^
He wanted to take a picture with a letter I was going to send to my bestie in the U.S and I just couldn't say no! lol

 (Address removed for the sake of privacy.)

And what's cuter than sealing your envelope with a stripey red and green heart? :)

Here's one last photo of Mr Snowman with his fuzzy cousin (which looks more like a penguin really! XD ) and an itty bitty nutshell ship. :)

I hope you have a great time making/ shopping for your gifts this year, and please don't hesitate to comment if you like any of the things I've made. I read each and every comment and they truly make my day every time. :]

Cheers, Christmas cheers!                          

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  1. your snowman is cute. if it was christmas I would send you a pic of the two I made from cornstarch baking soda dough. one is over 20 years old.


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