Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tutorial: 3D apple from an old book

Autumn is here! :D My favorite season of all. I just love the warm colors, the sound of leaves crumbling underneath your feet, but the best thing about changing seasons is that I get to re-decorate my room! 

So my first centerpiece this year is an apple from a vintage book. I thought it'd be nice to share my little project with y'all.

What you're going to need:
An old book that you don't mind cutting and tearing. (Think Pride and Prejudice!)
An X-acto knife/ craft knife.
A template of what shape you want to make. (Mine was an apple so I drew a half apple onto a hard cardboard and cut it)
Glue gun.
Let's start!

Fix the template to the first page of the book with one hand, and start cutting with the other. Go slow the first couple of times until you get the hang of it. Cutting thin paper is a bit tricky,but don't worry wobbly edges just add to its beauty. ;)
 Now that you've cut a couple of pages,keep the cut half-apple-shaped paper under the template,and tear away the excess paper (in my left hand in the picture)
 Here's how the excess paper looks like! the empty apple-shaped space is how your book should look like. ;)
 Blurry photo! Sorry, but the pages couldn't stand still! lol
Once you get to the end of the book, tear the cover away (both two) and, using your glue gun, glue the first and last page together making sure you glue the very core too (highlighted in the picture)

Cut the little "stem" below the apple so it can stand by itself.
 Leave the excess part above the apple to act like a stem. Add a leaf of green cardstock and you're done!

Have a crafty weekend.


  1. The idea is Gorgeous but i 'd rather u did it with one of the school silly books not with a great novel like Pride and Prejudice written by a great novelist like Jane Austin i ll try doin it with other things
    But should say its lovely i love it

  2. I'm not really great at drawing so I was wondering if you used a specific template or freehand?


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