Saturday, October 8, 2011

Tutorial: No sew felt bow headband

Good evening fellow crafters, long time no talk! Sorry for not posting for a while,I was so busy with school and exams.
Today I managed to whip up this easy peasy tutorial. It's so simple that you'll -hopefully- understand with only pictures displayed! Forgive me for the crappy pictures though,my camera hates artificial light! x]

So this tutorial will show you how to make a felt bow,and there's another part which would teach you how to made a headband from an old T-shirt.
Anyhow, I hope you enjoy this. :]

Now for the headband part, You see the light pink  fabric rectangle in the first photo below? It's an old T-shirt sleeve! :D It's made of cotton,and makes a pretty non-itchy headband. :]

Glue/hand sew the bow to your headband and that's it! :]
I told you it was easy. 



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