Saturday, June 2, 2012

Spring Swap @ Sewing In No Man's Land

Have you participated in an online swap before?
 I have! I've been lucky enough to be part of the Spring Swap hosted by Kelly & Elizabeth at Sewing In No Mans Land
We’re keeping it simple and simply partnered up in twos and swap with each other.  So, two people, each send the other one package, making two packages total.

What to swap? So many possibilities…stylish office supplies, hair accessories, cabochons, wool felt in beautiful colors, stamps, all sorts of party supplies like paper straws and cute cupcake wrappers, bunting of some kind, vinyl decals, possibly a photo frame or an amazing vintage something or other…

My partner happened to be the lovely Lexie Stokes from Utah. How awesome does that sound? I was so excited to be able to make new friends around the world! :)

We had set our shipping date to the 28th of May. I went off to the post office (for the first time!) and had it all set in a matter of an hour. :)

One last thing I have to tell you is that we were to choose 3 words that best describe what the perfect thing we'd like to receive would be.
Mine were:
Vintage, Photography & Whimsical.

Without further ado, here's what I sent my partner:
Her words were: 
Navy, Texture & Cozy.
 Pretty lace and trims. (She's a sewing machine lover!)

 Handmade navy necklace and woven chain bracelet.

 Here's a better view of how the bracelet looks like. Cute, no?

 Handmade stone & cord bracelet.

 Nautical knotted earrings.

 Tiny ribbon rosettes.

 Cotton striped navy Tee. 

And of course it's made in Egypt. It would be such a shame to send her something that says "Made in the U.S" ha! lol

Handmade anchor necklace.

 Recycled paper tags.

And that's it. :) I really hope she likes them and I just can't wait to receive my parcel!

Now it looks like the lady in the post office doesn't quite believe in happy endings, that's why she refused to ship my box if it's "all neatly wrapped up". She just had to see what's in there and literally ripped it open!
So my poor partner has to unwrap an ugly box covered in Egyptian-American stamps and duct tape. :(

Let's just hope she'll get over it when she sees what's inside.

Wait for another post with plenty of photos (or a video, who knows!) of what I got. :)

Toodle pip!                                 

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