Thursday, March 15, 2012

Roundup: Little felt bunnies & Journal pages

Here's a little peek on what I've been working on in this last weekend:

How cute does this orange fellow look balanced on my two fingers?^^

These cute little bunnies measure 2.5 inches tall including the ears. Each one is hand sewn and embroidered by me. Every bunny (heee everybunny XD lol) Oh okay I'm sorry for that, anyways each one has its very own decorated matchbox to sleep in with an itty bitty fabric scrap as a blanket.
They could be easily turned into finger puppets if I hadn't sewn the bottom edge. :)
Would you like a pattern/tutorial for these little guys? If you know how to make and upload PDF files please tell me in  a comment.

I got the whole matchbox idea from 's felt baby monsters.

Moving on..
 I had so much fun choosing how to make the background for this one. I finally decided to try the Straw Blow technique. Here's an awesome short (*short*) video on how to do it. 

This whole striped page started from a piece of package wrap that I cut to fit the page. 
I colored the rainbow using oil pastels and the quote just offered itself once the rainbow was there!

Before I go, I want to share with you one last picture of my window.

 I stenciled this pretty silhouette with ordinary watercolors. It makes a great sun-catcher and I love seeing her every morning. :)
The paint comes right off when wiped with a damp cloth which is awesome because I get bored with the designs pretty easily. I think I'll be keeping this one for quite a long time though. 

I'll see you soon then.

Have a good day,                                    


  1. Hi Roudi,

    Lots of nice projects to see here today. I think you should definitely keep the little girl on your window for a loooongg time. She's too cute, just like you!


    PS I'm not computer savy so can't help you with your question....

    1. Yes, mum told me the same thing about the silhouette girlie. :D Thank you very much for your kind words.

      It's okay I'll give it another go of research and hopefully I'll find something. :)



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