Thursday, January 12, 2012

Photography: Vintage Photos of Egypt

Oh me, oh my! I'm so excited about today's post. Have I told you how much I love anything vintage? Well, a lot actually. XD
So my lovely dad got me this fantastic picture book that has eight pictures taken between 1890 and 1900 in Cairo, the capital of Egypt (yup, I'm Egyptian), and boy are they marvelous! I just had to share my excitement and show you the photographs. :D
They're all enlarged and printed on 16"x13" heavy cardstock.

 The cover. The book has a ribbon closure that you tie into a bow.

Here are the photographs. (drum roll please.)

Cairo street, Touloun quarter.

 Dance of the almas in Cairo.

 Cairo, interior of Amr mosque.

 Sultan Hassan mosque, ablution fountain, Cairo.

 Avenue of the Pyramids during the flooding of the Nile.

 Sailboats passing through a bridge.

 Carpet shop at Khan El-Khalili in Cairo.

Court and colonnade of El-Azhar mosque, with students.

Can you believe all these pictures were caught on film using one of these huge cameras? I mean, checkout the perfect exposure in all of them! Way to go Bonfils! Oh, wait..I mean.. rest in peace Bonfils! lol

I'll see you soon then,                                 


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    1. For some reason I can't make a comment directly..... so I hit the reply button on the comment.

      These photos are great! Thanks for the peek into Egyptian history. I just love it!

    2. Oh, I don't know it must be some kind of issue with blogger? :/
      Anyways, thank you a lot. I hope you liked them. :)


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