Monday, January 16, 2012

DIY Mini Album From a Cardboard Box & a polymer clay birthday cake

January has to be "the birthdays month" for me! I have seven freakin' birthdays on the 15th & 16th only! and still to come, more than 9 birthdays. Oh thank goodness we have the gracious Facebook to remind us about each and every birthday. x]

Okie, so I've just finished a gift for my bestie who turned 17 yesterday.
I made her a mini scrapbook/album with some of our favorite pictures together. 
I used a small cardboard box for the cover, and everything else came into shape pretty easily. :)
Here are a few of my favorite pages:

 Cover. This is actually a window with transparent plastic, so this photo is on the inside. 
Oh yeah, and I'm the tall one on the right. :P (I don't know why my right eye looks all "puffy" though. It doesn't look like that in the album. lol)

 You can see the window more clearly now. :) I hot glued a mini candle for some extra fun. :D

 The pages are folded accordion style and glued from both sides to the inside of the cover.

 These two pages are my favorite. :D (Oh, by the way, don't mind the writing on the left page, it's an inside joke . ;)

 Oooh how I love pockets! :D This one here is filled with sequins and a "Happy B-day" note is buried in there, so when you shake you can read it. 

 Oh hello aqua sequin! ^^ Love the color.

I can't wait to give it to her tomorrow and see her reaction. Some of those photos were so long ago! :D

Oh wait, one more thing: (drumroll)  

A miniature polymer clay clay cake! ^^ 
I've been trying and trying and again, failing to make the basic layered cake but I couldn't.
But just then, I sat down the other day and decided to give it another go, and this happened!

I even managed to make the whipped cream on the top without translucent clay! (I used a teeny bit of white clay and a very small amount of glycerine)
I still can't believe it turned out so neat even after cutting the slice! (It was this part that I always screwed up)

I hope you enjoyed today's post.

How many birthdays do you have on January? 


  1. Hi Roudi,

    I bet your friend is going to love this! You are very creative - keep it up!

    My month for birthdays is October.


    1. Hello Kay,
      I gave it to her yesterday and she said it's the best present she's got this year! :D Woot!
      Two of my friends have their birthday on October! How many do you have?

    2. Hey Roudi,

      I have six birthdays in October (my mom - who has passed away was also in October (on the 1st)) -- 14, 17, 19, 21, 23, and 27th. Yikes! I'm so glad that your friend loved her present - I knew she would!!

      You asked about a tutorial on the flowers. The easiest way I can tell you is to watch a tutorial on you tube. In the class I took she said to twist the fabric away from you and I found that twisting the fabric towards me worked better for me. This won't make sense until you watch the video. Here's a link to a video: (this one is using ribbon). When I used fabric I would cut a strip about 2.5 inches then fold in half and using a glue gun, glue the edges together. Using the same technique as in this video (except coming towards me). Let me know how this goes for you. Hugs, Kay

  2. ohhhh, that is VERY cute ... keep it <3


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