Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tutorial: Accordion card with little treats!

Hello everyone,
Today I whipped up this little card for mum's birthday along with the gift I got her.
It's an accordion card,but it has some surprises in it! :D

When you open the first fold,there's CANDY! And candy = You're sweet! ^^
And there's a photo of me,dad, and my brother. :]
(Nope,it's not my handwriting..I let my younger brother do the "writing stuff" ! lol)

And when you open the next fold,there's a little candle and teeny tiny pieces of confetti ! And guess what..Candle = You light my world! :D

Now what I want to tell you is that the little bags that I put the treats in are actually recycled from a larger plastic bag! ^^ And better yet,I made you a video on how to make them. :D (Please pardon my Egyptian accent!)
Watch it and tell me what you think. :]

Hope you like what I made today. And thanks for the HUGE amount of nice comments and features,I really appreciate every word you say. ♥
Loads of hugs,                        

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