Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A little craft on the go

Good evening everyone,
it was a day full of fun and giggles at my English course. :]
We enjoyed ourselves a lot,and at the end of the session we made each other cute little bookmarks. ^^ Remember the ones from the last tutorial? Yup,we made these. :)
We're supposed to finish the course in a week,so I thought of making a little something for memory and,of course,it had to be handmade! x] lol

Are you bored of me talking yet? xD Okay fiiine. I'll leave you with the pictures. ^^

 The girlies. :] And Ms Marwa showing her bookmark.

 The guys concentrating. :D:D

 Ms Marwa & Naglaa's bookmarks. ^^

 Muhammed made a different design though. And I just love his creativity! Thumbs up buddy. ;)

 Meh,I couldn't resist a close up! xD

 My lovely friends. :] Love you all,and great job on the bookmarks.

The bookmarks I made for Ms Marwa. :] She loves cats so..yeah. ♥

I really really enjoyed this day,will never forget you. You're all so amazing. :]                              



  1. yeah an amazing day and amazing friends!!! never ever gonna forget you...and isa 7at3alem elcrafts sa7 ya roudi?????

  2. Sure Dazneem :D I put loads of tutorials here you can learn from them.
    For example the Picture in a Jar one is so easy,you should try it. ;) see the post.

  3. begad kan youm to7fa ... thanx a lot Miss. Roudaina..


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