Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tutorial: Kawaii animals paper bookmarks

This tutorial is for my little friend Alexis whose grandma is a dear friend of mine.
(CATHYSWOE--Or Mimi as I call you ^^ I just want to say I love you a lot and I really enjoyed making this tutorial for your little one. And don't worry Siani,I'm making you a great tutorial too! ;D ) 
Okay Alexis first you have to gather these supplies:
Pencil & Ink pen/thin sharpie marker.
Cardstock in any color.
Transparent tape.
Colors. (any type-optional)

 Step #1 
Start drawing your animal's head (We'll be doing a kawaii bunny)

Step #2
Draw the arms (make them a teeni bit long)

Step #3
Draw a long body (like the one I did-this will be inside the book) (as I said,it's for Alexis. ♥ )
Step #4
If you’re using heavy cardstock,skip the next 2 steps.
I was using A4 paper so I just folded the paper for some extra strength. ;)
Step #5
Glue your 2 shapes together.
 Step #6
I added a bit of detail with my watercolors,but it's totally up to you whether to skip this step or not.
I just thought it'd be cute for my wee rabbit to have some blush. ^^
Step #7
Cover your bookmark with strips of transparent tape. (overlap each one slightly)
 Do this for the back too. (press firmly and squeeze out any air bubbles)
 Step #8
Cut around your bookmark leaving a bit of "tape seam" like the photo above. (and below)
 Step #9
Now *carefully* cut around the little arms (this is how your animal would cling to the page--see below picture)
Tadaa :D Here she is. ^^ Smartly pointing to where you stopped. :]

I made her some friends too. :D
Don't be afraid to experiment with many animals,have fun with your little ones too! ;)

Later everyone (Yes Alexis,you too! ♥),                  

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  1. They are so sweet! Could make them for kids birthdays in school or for Valentines!
    Thank you!

  2. Thank you for the charming website. I trade books with other readers and will make some bookmarks for my "book trading" friends. Aan older woman (70) I am very impressed with your blog and hope you continue to inspire all of us.
    Best wishes,

  3. How awesome! Not sure how well I could draw these, but--I must try!!


    1. Just curious--what book did you use for the pic?

  4. very adorable making son=me for a garage sale

  5. Thanks for those AWESOME ideas <3 .. I 've just made one but mine is a FROGGIE ... ^_^ <3

  6. Thanks!! If this web did'nt exist I would've never did it!! I made a fox!


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