Monday, June 20, 2011

Tutorial: Vintage Flower Headband

 (and yes,it's a no-sew project!)

If you're a vintage lover like myself,you'd sure fall in love with this 'Oh-So-Cute' headband.
You can make it using any type/color of fabric of course,but today I used the Brown-Beige gradients to give me that classy old look. :]

To make this easy peasy headband you'd need:
•Fabric scraps. (I used Beige satin.)
•Glue gun
•Elastic (I used the thread-like one that we make beaded bracelets with. But you can surely use the wider one too.)
•Ribbon that matches the color of your fabric.

Got all of your stuff? LET'S GET TO WORK! :D
We'll start making the flower.
Cut a circle of felt or a sturdy fabric. (I used thick wool) This is going to be the 'stand' for your flower.
You can make it as big or small as you like,depending on the size of the flower you want to make.

Now you're going to make the petals of the flower. Cut many circles of the same size off your fabric and attach them to the felt circle using your glue gun like this:
 Keep adding glue and attaching the circles till the circle is all closed up.
 And you'd have this flower (more like a pom-pom actually! lol) shape. :)

At this point We're going to attach the elastic to the ribbon. (Because it helps your headband stay in place.)
 Cut the ribbon 2 inches (which is equal to 5 cm) shorter than the size of your head.
And 2 inches (5 cm) of elastic and fold it in half and tie a knot (your elastic should form a circle now)

Like the picture above,place you elastic on the ribbon then add a thin line of hot glue and fold your ribbon. (press firmly)
Do the same with the other end. (Make sure your ribbon isn't twisted)
Now attach the flower to the headband using,also,your glue gun.

That's all. :] You got yourself a gorgeous new headband,and better yet. whenever somebody compliments your hair (and your headband! lol ) tell them that you're awesome and you made it yourself! ^^ 


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