Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tutorial: Rainbow in a bottle

Does it require an occasion to give a gift? Of course not! :D
I love to make little handmade gifts like ALL THE TIME! and I give them to people without an occasion! (and it feels really good you should try this. ^^ )

So today at my Craft Hour I made this itty bitty Rainbow In A Bottle using salt and chalk instead of colored sand. (now that's clever! lol) Here's how I made it:

You'd need:
Colored chalk
An empty little (Jar/bottle/whatever you find on hand)

 Here's my bottle. I guess there was a little teddy inside someday! x] hmmm. lol
 Get two (or more) sheets of paper ( any paper it doesn't matter.) Pour your salt in a thin layer like the photo below. Get ready for coloring! Here comes the messy part! :D
Here we go all you have to do is:
Pick a color
Roll your chalk on the paper (and the salt)
And you get COLORED SALT!

Hooraaaaay for messy crafts! (To all mums out there,please forgive me! xD lol)
 Time to make but your rainbow in the bottle! ^^
Use the paper you've been working on to carefully pour the,now colored,salt.
 And that's the marvelous yellow shade we've got. :)
For the little heart, I cut it out of cardboard,then made two holes like the photo.
Grabbed a toothpick and slid it in the holes like this:
And into the bottle. :)
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That's it. :] Now make a rainbow for everyone you know and give it to them without an occasion! ;)

Much love,                                        
(Oh by the way, did you notice that the text in this post is all in rainbow colors? ^^)

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  1. I'm thinking about making this, but only with Christmas-y colors, like red and green (:


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