Monday, June 13, 2011

Potato Stamping Wrapping Paper

Hey all,with 2 of my friends expecting babies this week,crafting is becoming an essential! x]

I already crocheted  them a baby gift set for each. But I really didn't know how to 'present' them..I did decide that I want everything to be handmade.
So boxes? wrapping paper? cute little decorated jars? well,I chose wrapping paper. Because mainly, as you want to make it yourself, you have endless possibilities for decorating them. ;]

I wanted something simple-yet-sweet as a pattern for my paper. And SNAP it hits me: -Why don't you go back to 'potato stamping'? :D

So here's my trial. :] I cut a small potato in half and carved a little heart on it.
It was so much fun getting back to 3+ yr old crafts! xD and it did turn out pretty well.
Here's the finished "product". lol 
You like? I like! We all like! :D

Much love,                                

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