Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tutorial: Make your own window clings

Good evenings dudes and dudettes . :]
Today I had my 6 yr old cousins staying over and they were begging for a morning craft! xD (Because they know that wherever there’s Roudi, there’s PAINTING MESS! :D and what do kids love more? lol )
So today we made homemade window clings.

Here’s what you’re going to need:
•All-purpose white glue.
•Transparent folder like the one in the picture.
•Plastic bags.
•Paper to draw the shape of your clings on.
•A pencil/marker to draw your shapes. (you can color it if you want)
Now use the corner of your plastic bag. Cut it to form a cone shape.
Put some paint in your cone, then add an amount of glue that you think would be sufficient to draw your shape.
Mix the glue very very well with the paint by gently squeezing the plastic bag with your finger till you have a nice colored paste
Now see the little tip the cone has? We’re going to cut a teeny tiny cut at the tip; that’s how your paste would come out! :D

CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve come to the fun part! ^________^
All you have to do is squish the paste out of your cone and on your folder where you drew your little doodles. We made hearts and letters, but you can draw whatever you can think of. :]
Here’s how they turned out:
Then you’d remove your paper sheet and leave the clings to dry for a couple of hours. (It all depends on how thick your ornament is ;) 

And voila :D You have beautiful homemade clings to decorate your window! :D Here's our trial

Hope you liked it. :]
See you.                                         

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  1. I soo Love this Idea !! <3
    but i have a question .. after it dries do they get to cling by them selves ? you don't need to add glue or anything ?


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