Tuesday, July 30, 2013

It's my birthday! And some news

Wow long time no blogging! Well there's been plenty of things keeping me on my toes. 
First off, I'm waiting for my acceptance letter to get into college. Crossing my fingers for Alexandria University. Then there's this exhibition at a park near our place that I've been asked to take part in. The very thought of pricing something I've made scares the hell out of me! I've been tempted to call them and say I'm busy and cancel the whole thing but I hope think it's going to be a nice experience.

Whoops, Julia is probably going to kill me. Not doing so well with the "short and sweet" rule for WOYWW posts! I hope you guys are not bothered with all the talk because I haven't written a WOYWW post in ages and there's so much I want to share with you!

Here's my desk this week:
A lovely collection of goodies mum got me. Which brings me to..
I'm turning 18 tomorrow!
I'm so excited! I've already got cards in the mail from two of you lovely WOYWW fellows. It just feels great to know that someone out there on the other side of the globe cares enough to send you a little something on your birthday. :)
Would you like to drop me some happy mail? Just ask, I'd be glad to give you my addy.

Another big thing. (for me at least. lol) This year, I'm treating myself to a Cuttlebug! Yes, it's going to cost me over a hundred dollar considering the shipping all the way to Egypt and everything, but I've been wanting it long enough. I just have to have a die cutting machine of my own.
I'll have to wait and save some more money before I can even get any folders or dies. I can live with that. lol

Okay one last thing before you go, checkout my latest Fimo creation:

Measures just a tad over 2 inches. I love working in miniature! What do you think?

Have you had enough of my babble? Okay okay I'll let you continue with your list blogs to visit. Don't forget to leave me a comment!



  1. Happy Birthday!! I love your little miniature.

  2. Happy birthday to you,
    Happy birthday to you,
    Happy birthday to Roudi,
    Happy birthday to you.
    I hope you have a really wonderful day. Your little miniature creation is really gorgeous.
    A x
    ps I still haven't received the parcel I won. :-( Really hope it hasn't got lost in the post.

  3. Happy 18th Birthday! You are a very talented young lady - the Queen of Fimo. I love all your little creations. Have a lovely day
    Lynda B X

  4. A Very Happy 18th Birthday! I love your minature. You are so patient working on a small scale like that. i hope the college letter comes through soon. Kate x

  5. Happy 18th Birthday have a fun day and that is one cute little elf on a mushroom
    hugs Nikki I'm posted Here

  6. Have a Happy 18th Birthday, Roudi. Good luck getting into the university. These are exciting times for you, enjoy them. Love the miniature. Happy crafting

  7. Happy, happy 18. I'm sure this will be a memorable one.

    It's great that you are getting your own die cutter. I've seen lots of people have fun with them. After the machine will come all the dies (grin).

    Your little elf is adorable. here's hoping you get into Uni of your choice.

  8. Your Fimo Elf is just adorable, and happy birthday for tomorrow. Good luck at the exhibition and I hope your dream of owning a Cuttlebug comes true soon. Happy WOYWW! Danie

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROUDI!!! I'd sing, but I couldn't carry a tune if it was superglued to my forehead. I am super impressed by your artistic talent, and your lovely blog for such a young lady. I'd love to send you a birthday treat if your Mum is ok with you sending me your details. She can feel free to contact me if she'd like. She must be very proud of you. I hope you have an amazing birthday. My email is happyhomeschoolroom@gmail.com. Have a great day!!! (((HUGS)))

  10. Happy Birthday!! 18.... so young, so much ahead of you - good luck with the college acceptance. Helen

  11. Happy Birthday! And good luck with the college application :)


  12. Ah Roudi - many happy returns! Is 18 the age of majority in Egypt - is that you all grown up and adult now? Happy days dear gal...waiting for your letter is edge of the seat stuff huh!
    The exhibition will be marvellous and you'll kick yourself if you don't do it. And don't under price. Cost of materials + time cost + packaging minimum. If you under price at this stage, it under values your work (and there will be plenty of people who do that for you, believe me)and then you'll give up because you can't make anything from it. Think the power of the third thought... 1. I can't do that. 2. Well, I suppose I could try. 3. I could do it.

  13. Happy Birthday, I hope you have a joyous time
    Happy WOYWW
    #71.Silvi's Place

  14. Happy birthday, enjoy the Cuttlebug.

    The House of Bears @#78

  15. Happy Birthday Roudi! Have a wonderful day and enjoy that Cuttlebug when it arrives! MMx #42

  16. I think this post is pretty short and sweet! Happy b-day to you :) Uniflame - 81

  17. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Roudi! Was I ever 18? After retiring it seems like its more than a lifetime ago. Hope your letter comes soon and that you have a really good time at University. Keep up the good work with crafting - you are a talented young lady. Have a good WOYWW week, john-w #23.

  18. Happy 18th Birthday!!! Your Fimo guy is adorable. And what a shame you have to pay so much for a Cuttlebug because of shipping :-( Brigita #91

  19. Hello Rudy and Happy Birthday!! I don't think I've stopped by your blog before but how could I resist? I've never sent anything to Egypt before so would be happy to send you some happy mail, you can email me via my profile. I love the little gnome, not sure how you can work so small but at your age you probably have a lot better eyesight than I do!! Have a wonderful day and you will be really pleased with your cuttlebug when you get it, I think it is a very versatile machine. Cindy #45

  20. So many wonderful things happening all at once. I remember when my daughter's turned 18 and were patiently waiting for those acceptance letters...stressful times. Well I would sing Happy Birthday but not sure you'd want to hear that horrid voice...so Happy Birthday To You! Hope you have a great day, with wonderful gifts and divine cake. It's all about the cake. Hoping you get accepted to the your university of choice...it's will be a wonderful adventure for you. Maybe somebody will surprise you with a CuttleBug for all your hard work/birthday.

    As far as pricing...it's not that hard. Double the cost of materials and add 10%. As your doing as show I doubt you'll be doing much shipping but it wouldn't hurt to check out those prices and add them if needed. Always start out a little higher in price than you think, that way you can always lower it if you hear someway mention your prices are too high. If you start too low you can't make them higher. And another way to generate sales at those kind of events is to offer to do the item in another color if you see someone looking but might say "oh, that color isn't good for me." My first show I must have added $400 or more in my total sales just by doing that.

    Your Fimo mini is sweet. I love it. Good luck with all that is coming your way.

  21. Happy 18th Birthday! Have fun with all the goodies:)
    Your miniature looks great - it´s soooo cute!!!

  22. Happy Birthday. Love your miniature. Wish you all the very best x

    Lynda #59

  23. Happy birthday!
    Wishing you a year of creativity and lots of dreams!
    Robyn 94

  24. Happy Birthday Roudi! Congrats on turning 18. Is that the same as over here, where you are now considered 'old enough' for a number of things? Love your miniature, if that is the type of thing you are selling, I am sure you will do very well. He's delightful. My e-mail contact is on my blog page, send me your addy, and I'll send you some Happy Mail.
    We visited your country for our honeymoon nearly 4 years ago, really loved it. Want to come back sometime in the future, Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz xx #22

  25. Happy Birthday! 18 is a big one so I hope you have a fantastic day :)

  26. Hi Roudi great to have you back this week! Hope you have a brilliant birthday & that the Uni letter turns up soon! I love my Cuttlebug hope you enjoy using yours as much as I do! Ali x #102

  27. Happy Birthday Roudi! Happy WOYWW too!

    I hope you have lots of fun with your Bug when you get it! Your little elf is cute.

    Cazzy x #92

  28. Hello again!
    Happy Birthday for tomorrow........... don't forget to change your profile! lol Send me your address and I'll drop you a line.
    LOVE that miniature, you are one very talented lady.
    Hope you get your letter soon
    Bishopsmate #96

  29. Have a super happy birthday Roudi!

  30. Hi Roudi,

    Happy belated birthday! Turning 18 is a big deal. I hope you get into university - where is that?

    I've been MIA from WOYWW for maybe a month now..... been busy with some life changing things. Your latest fimo creation is so cute. Have fun with your cuttlebug!


  31. Happy Birthday!! Goodies look lovely, 'specially the promarkers!
    Have a great day! HaPpY WoYwW!?!
    ((Lyn)) was last...now #131

  32. Hello. Well Im Roberta aka Bert #122. And Im new and very slow at this. I seem to get lost in all the goodies in every one sites.. just wanted to say thank you for sharing and letting me peak. Have a lovely day. And Happy late Birthday Bert

  33. Happy belated Birthday! and welcome to the team
    Shaz x


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