Wednesday, December 5, 2012

WOYWW #183

Oh hi there! Did you miss me? I haven't posted in a while because of all the schoolwork and exams, plus I had to travel with my basketball team for two weeks in a row to play the last couple of games in this season's championship. Truth to be said, it was well worth it. We won our 4th game in a row and there's only one more game away from first place! I did get an ankle sprain though, but it was worth it. :):)

What's on my desk this week? Some samples that had sent to me try out and make something out of. (More on that later)

For the cute wooden girls I ended up making them into little brooches. They're just the perfect size!

There are also some handmade goodies for my Handmade Gift Exchange partner. She's probably got the package by now, so let's hope it would be OK to show the stuff on here!

 Felt flower bobby pins, a delicate bracelet and a little card. Nothing much, but everyone loves happy mail!

This little seahorse dangles from the bracelet near the closure. Isn't he adorable!

One more thing that I need to show you is my craft supplies wishlist! A lot of you dear WOYWWers have e-mailed me asking about the supplies I can't find in Egypt according to what I've previously mentioned in this post.
Someone (sorry I'm not very good at remembering who told me what! lol) expressed how they were having this "craft supplies clean up" and that they would be happy to find a home for some of them. 
Well, here you go y'all:

So these are the craft supplies they don't sell here in Egypt.
If you're willing to send me any supplies please let me know so I'd send you a little something in return. :):)
You can find my postal address at my About Me tab.

That's all folks! See y'all next week


  1. The little wooden girls are really cute!!! Love the jewelry!

    Happy WOYWW

    #11 Apryl

  2. Gosh, sounds like they need a craft shop in Egypt, I'll have a rummage around. Adore the little felt hair grips (bobby pins) so cute but my favourite has to be the seahorse, love seahorses. Thanks for visiting me alreay this week BJ#47

  3. Lovely gifts you received and the brooches are so sweet.
    Sandra @27

  4. I have not heard the term 'bobby pins' for years, that really took me back in time! Love your little brooches, they are really cute. Happy WOYWW, Anne x your next door neighbour at #49

  5. Thamks for visiting me already. Love your little brooches and the flower bobby pins.
    Happy WOYWW
    Tricia #66

  6. Dinky brooches... and that's an adorable seahorse! Happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

  7. well, i'm sure you've been good this year, so hopefully you'll get lots from your crafty wishlist!
    thank you for stopping by :)
    have a happy WOYWW :)
    no. 8

  8. Glad to see your smiling face back in blog land, hope school is going well and congrats on the basketball wins! whoop whoop! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  9. Thanks for the peak on your desk :)
    Happy Wednesday!
    Hugs Marleen #3

  10. some great makes
    happy woyww
    thanks for sharing
    trace x 33
    ps I have festive candy

  11. Oooh I love all the bit and pieces you have on show there! Happy WOYWW and thanks for sharing. Sunshine Girl no. 21

  12. Oh such sweet gifts for your exchange pal, the card is sooo cute! I love that you ma brooches from the little wooden girls, that's not an idea that would have occurred to me at all. Email me your address: I have no idea when, but I'll happily send you some bits and bobs...I don't quite know what, but promise it'll be off the wish list!

  13. Such cute gifts!!! Hop over to my place - I have blog candy on offer and would happily send it over to you if you win it - I'm sure there are bits and pieces you could put to good use!!
    Well done on your basketball win!!
    Happy WOYWW

  14. Hi Roudi
    Great to see what you have been up to ! Lovely projects ! I'm planning to have a sort through my stash after we get Christmas out of the way - so will try to send some bits over !
    I belong to a little Scrapbooking club (just 6 of us but good fun) and one of the ladies there has her son, daughter in law & grand-daughter living in Cairo - isn't that a coincidence !
    Have a lovely week ! Ali #9

  15. Lovely brooches and the bobby pins flowers are pretty. Thanks for sharing. #76

  16. Congratulations, Roudi, on doing so well with the basketball games this season!! How exciting! Your little treats are just adorable. I had no idea that they even made bobby pins anymore; you've certainly made them very pretty! Have a great week and thanks for coming to see me! Darnell #58

  17. The stuff you make is so pretty! I can't believe you can't get any of the stuff on your Christmas list - poor you! When Christmas is out of the way here in the UK, I'll be sure to send some felt and decorative ribbon your way:) Thanks for stopping by and keep up the great work! Lucy #18 x

  18. Hi Roudi,

    Congrats to your basketball team! Take care of that ankle!!!!

    I'm having a clean out as I'm trying to get my little condo ready to sell. I have some things that I'll be sending to you at some point.... Once I get myself organized and the house ready to show then I can relax a bit.

    I've been thinking about you a lot. I hope you are staying safe.

    Kay (100)

  19. Very cute little badges!! Happy VERY late woyww
    ((Lyn)) #45

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  21. Oh my gosh! Did anywone notice that the girl (from the brooch) is Kagamine Rin? A Vocaloid singer. Too cute xD I love the felt flowers!

    Mi, your Brazilian friend


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