Sunday, August 12, 2012

Say hello to my hamster!

Okay first off I want to apologize for not posting in so long. My internet was off for 12th day in a row and even when I was writing this post it went off and on for about 2-3 times! lol So I'm sorry guys I really hope you're not mad at me and that you continue reading this little blog every day. 

Have I told you that my birthday was on the 1st of August? Well I turned 17! Seventeen is great, especially when you have the best friends in the whole wide world to host you a splendid surprise party!
I had an amazing and very special birthday this year. I got books (loads of pretty pretty books!), gift cards, a handmade keychain from on of my, brace yourself, guy friends at the club. Him? Handmade? It was the sweetest thing ever. :) I also got some lovely cards in the mail, perfume, guessed it, a hamster!
Please welcome Mr. Witty!

Here's his first photo shoot (he's getting used to the big black "monster" still!) I made him a little "bowl" out of the last bit of cucumber. I hollowed it and filled it with little bits of nuts, almonds, coconut, cheese, apples and a teensy bit of plain yoghurt. Yum!

Good hamsters say their prayers first before they eat.

Chompin' like a real Italian!

And here's his pretty little cage. Can you spot him running down the tube on the left? So energetic! But he is just the sweetest little thing. ♥

I know, I know, nothing crafty for today but as you're reading this I promise you I'll be on the other side of the world working on a new post with all the bits and pieces I've been working on. Promise. :)

Toodle pip!                                


  1. Hi Roudi,

    It sounds as if you had a great birthday! Something handmade from a guy -- WOW! Your craftiness must be rubbing off.

    Your hamster is a doll. I can see you've taught him excellent habits already!


    1. I had a lovely birthday this year Kay. :) And yes, I still can't believe what he did!

      Mr. Witty's very well behaved and is learning new tricks every day. He says hi! lol

  2. hhhhhmmmmmmm...he has a pink cage, well, they say it takes a real hamster to live in a pink cage :) lol He is such a cutie, too cute to be a boy! waving hi from the sandy beaches of Florida ;0

    1. I know right!! He's so adorable I call him cutie pie sometimes! lol

      Oh, not from the Hills of North Carolina? :D Haha enjoy your vacation. ♥

  3. Oh, what a cute little guy - I love Hampsters :-D
    Happy belated Birthday and I am so impressed that a Guy made you a present. WoWza - how cool is he ?!!!

    Nice to meet you... found you through WOYWW 206

    Ike :-D xx


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