Tuesday, June 26, 2012

DIY Watercolor Gift Tags

Is it just me or are handmade tags so much fun to make?
Better yet, watercolor tags! I've always loved playing with watercolors as a kid. I got my first very own set ( which is by the way still some where in my painting stash) when I was in first grade. The feeling I had when I ripped the wrapping paper open and saw the first glimpse of the tip of the box that says "Non-toxic Watercolors" is one I'll never forget. It actually still draws a smile on my face every time I remember it. Yep, here we go again! :) 

The other day I had some leftover watercolor paper that I just couldn't get myself to throw away. So I ended up making these:

I tried a couple of painting techniques. First I went with different shades of the same color. Perfect stress reliever!
Then I tried including 2-3 colors and blending them together. Both techniques turned out beautiful and I'm pretty contented with the results.

After the paper was completely dried I cut them into little tags and punched holes near the tops.

Next was lettering time! I had the intention of leaving them blank and personalizing them whenever I needed attaching one to a gift, but I was craving for some lettering fun!

So I pretty much decorated all of them in a matter of 15 minutes. Ah.. feels much better!
I now have a nice stock of pretty gift tags ready to add the perfect touch to a handmade gift.

Are you in love with watercolors as much as I am? What are your favorite painting techniques? Share the creativity, share the joy!

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See you on Sunday after my chemistry finals!

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  1. Roudi I love your tags. I do love watercolors, as well as salvaging and using every scrap of leftover media. And did I mention that I love hand-lettering? Have a nice day, tomorrow for you.

    1. I love hand lettering, too! I've learned how to make faux calligraphy a couple months ago and I've been using it a lot ever since. :D

      Thank you for popping over. ♥

  2. Good luck on your chemistry final! I love, love the tags! especially the one that says handmade with love and lots of glue, that's a great sentiment! :) waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

    1. Thank you! Chemistry final then summer begins so I can join WOYWW and Monday Nights!

      I can't wait to attach that specific one to a handmade gift. There are also a couple of other
      phrases running through my mind. How about "Just because it's handmade doesn't mean it's cheap." ? and "Yes, I did make it. No, you can't return it" ? Pretty good, huh? lol

      Have an extra crafty day today. ♥

  3. These are so lovely! The perfect addition to a handmade gift. If you're looking for another place to share your creative projects, stop by Etcetorize. Would love to see you there!

    1. Thank you for the invitation! I linked up and I'm your newest follower now. :)

      Have a great day. ♥

  4. I have just popped into have a look and I love what I see, beautiful tags and that little baby book is just divine, a treasure forever.


    1. Very sweet of you to come over. I'm so glad you liked the little stuff around here. :) Do come back again!


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