Thursday, March 29, 2012

Too Early to Color Eggs?

 We've been enjoying a wonderful weather in the last couple of days here in Egypt.
To celebrate spring, I took my 2 cousins for an outside craft.
First, we tried TP roll painting. I made the one roll into a heart and another into a star.
The girls loved the fact that the rolls make the exact same shape every time! Nonetheless, this activity turned into finger painting in a flash. So I let them squeeze the paints and dip their fingers to their hearts' content.
Here are our masterpieces:

After we played, we got a tad hungry so we got in for a little snack. The girls wanted cheese, but I convinced them that if we eat eggs, I'll let them color two eggs for each. So they did! :D
I hollowed the eggs, and we had a delicious meal. The girls were so enthusiastic to decorate that they finished their eggs in mere minutes. (Their mum sure loves me now! lol )
I gave them colors and markers and let their creative juices flow.

After the eggs were completely dry, I stuffed them with confetti and closed the holes with tissue paper and white glue. 
I've decided that this Easter I'll play a Confetti Egg Game with the family kiddos. We're a big family with a grand total of 12 grandchildren, so it's not too early to start collecting and decorating eggs, no?

One last thing I want to share with you are these fun little finger puppets.
I've been working on them this morning and I think they turned out quite nice. 
I thought it would be cute to pose them with our Easter eggs. ^^
I'll see you soon then,                                         

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