Monday, January 2, 2012

Photography: My best baby pics 2011

I'm so not a professional photographer. I picked up my first compact camera only last year, but since then, pressing the shutter has become one of my ultimate pleasures. I got a new camera 4 months ago and I'm continuously trying to improve my skills.
So I just thought I'd share some sneak peaks with you. :)

Here are the 3 best baby photos I've taken throughout this year. (cuteness doesn't depend on order. lol )

Baby Jana and her gorgeous grey eyes.

 Mr. Abdullah. :)

Another baby Jana (and another pair of lovely grey eyes)

Now off to prepare a new post of how I spent my new year's eve. :D


  1. Hi Roudi,
    I thought I'd pop in to see what you've been up to. These photos are great!! I'm sure your New Year's was more exciting than mine!!!

    aka 505whimsygirl

  2. @505whimsygirl
    Oh hello Kay. ♥
    So sweet of you to come over and say hi. :)
    Come on I'm sure yours was just as fun!


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