Sunday, November 13, 2011

Roundup: Sweet little things

Think about those little things in life that really give it its meaning. It's all about making others feel appreciated and respected and ,most important of all, loved. ♥
A little love note in the morning or a heart in coffee mug, don't underestimate these little acts of love for they make most of my family's smiles. :)

 This is how I wrapped a gift for my friend's birthday the other day, and guess what? she loved the old book hearts more than the gift! Well not really, but she said she loves how special it is and the fact that I was thinking of her every minute I was making her gift. (and wrapping it! )

Tiny message in a clothespin? Totally! 
I made this for my godmother. The fact that it's in French is because she's a French teacher. ;)
It says: "You have a message"
And when you open it it says: "I ♥ U"

These itty bitty necklace charms are made of polymer clay. I made the bear for myself and gave the puppy to my bestie. Overwhelmed she was. :)

Nothing says " I care" more than a handmade gift and it's never really about the gift , it's the thought that counts. ;)

And if you're lucky enough, you might get something like this:

What did you wish for last Friday at 11:11? :D


  1. CUTE !!!!

    p.s: mama 3andaha nafs el melaya fe the first pic

  2. What darling ideas! My daughters are older than you, but they would love a Gratitude Journal. I love the way you wrapped your friends gift. I am thinking I'll use your idea to wrap the journals. Thank you so much for sharing Roudi.

  3. @Kelly
    Hello Kelly,
    Thanks for your sweet words. I'm sure your daughters would love receiving their very own journals for Christmas to fill it up with their special moments. :)
    It would be an honor for me if you use my wrapping idea, seriously! ;)

    Thanks a lot for dropping by.
    {love} ♥

  4. Preciosa la idea del pequeño mensaje en la pinza!! Me encantó!! Gracias y hasta pronto.

    Besines :)


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