Monday, October 17, 2011

Tutorial: Ribbon thru chain bracelet

Coucou :D (in case you're wondering, that's hello in french! lol )

I'm back today with an easy peasy jewelery tutorial. Ribbon through chain bracelet. I originally found this brilliant idea on one of my blogroll blogs (which I, as usual, don't remember!)
So, I made you a quick tutorial that I hope you'd like.

All you need is:
•A pair of pliers
•A bobby pin/ an ordinary pin to help you weave the ribbon in & out of the chains.

•Use your pliers to trim the length of chains to your wrist's.
•Cut a length of ribbon double the length of chain.
•Use a pin/bobby pin to weave the ribbon in & out of the chains.
•Tie a know before the first chain and after the last one.
•Tie a sliding knot ( which would enable you to wear your bracelet more easily) Easiest ever tutorial for the sliding knot is HERE

And you're done. :] See? Easy peasy.
Now go make yourself one (or thirty) :D


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