Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pretty Little Paper Bags

I have a new obsession! (like I needed another one just yet!! lol) Paper bags ^_____^ I mean,what's not to love about them? You can make them in any size,color or pattern. :]
And they're such a breeze to make. ♥
Here's a video that helped me a lot:

And now I have pretty little bags to put my pretty little handmade gifts in. ^^ Here they are:

 Everything in this set is handmade. (are you really asking about the nail polish?! lol )
I love the Yellow little doily.^^ It's just soo pretty. ♥

Don't you wanna try them? They're so easy and very sweet to receive. ^^
Don't forget,there doesn't have to be an occasion to give gifts; be generous and spread the love. ;]

I am spreading the love myself! :P So here's a little heart for you. ♥

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